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$40 for 40 years to $40,000

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40 years ago Vince and Roberta Roper experienced the unimaginable. Their daughter was brutally murdered and their voices were not being heard. You see, 40 years ago, victims did not have rights in court and did not have to be heard. MCVRC was born from a time of despair, and victims and their families and friends joined together to make a difference for each other and the future. Today, MCVRC provides free resources to victims of crime throughout the state of Maryland. MCVRC ensure that victims' do not have to fight alone and we want to be around for another 40 years!

For our 40th Anniversary, we are looking for 1,000 people who want to make a difference. Will you donate $40? That's $1 for each year of our existence. Please say yes by clicking donate today!